Refund policy - Product Page


  • 本店售賣中古,二手和全新產品,因所售商品年代久遠,大部分產品只得一件的關係,所有商品不設退貨及退款。
  • 每件商品都會列明新舊程度。中古及二手貨品大部分都會有正常使用痕跡及瑕疵,請參考描述和產品圖片。
  • 如收到貨品之後發覺產品與描述不符,請於收到貨品後三天內聯絡我們提供協助。

Order Policy

  • Our store sells used, second hand and brand new products. Due to the age of the products sold, most of the products are unique piece and there is no return or refund for all products.
  • Each product will list the detailed condition. For used and second hand goods, most of them carry normal used marks and defects. Please refer to the product description and pictures.
  • If you find that the product does not match the description after receiving the product, please contact us for assistance within 3 days upon receiving the product.