Our Story

Trendy Things originated from a web shopping experience 20 years ago...
The founder, who has always been a fan of trends, purchased their first used watch, an "IWC," for around HKD 5,000 from a foreign auction website. However, due to the limitations of camera technology at that time, the watch's exterior carried a lot of "stories," and it eventually stopped working due to water damage.

Despite experiencing multiple failures, the founder learned more about watches and connected with professionals from various fields within the watch industry. This led to the formation of Trendy Things.

Trendy Things believes that everyone has the right to own their DREAM Watch without having to spend too much.

They adhere to the principles of being "fun" and "affordable" by selecting antique or pre-owned watches of different prices and styles. Each watch undergoes a rigorous authentication process to ensure that customers can make a purchase with confidence.

Trendy Things aims to provide valuable and tasteful watches, allowing more people to own their desired timepieces while enjoying the pleasure brought by watch culture.